WATCH: ​Look Before You Leap! Grandfather Frog Meets Red, the Redside Dace

Posted on: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Grandfather Frog is busy catching flies for dinner when one of them gets swallowed by a mysterious leaping creature. It’s a Redside Dace, the amazing little leaping fish that’s native to Ontario. Red introduces himself to Grandfather Frog, and we learn that his species is under threat from human development. Captain Nemo appears, asking New Atlanteans to help protect the Redside Dace - an important “indicator” species - and to support efforts at keeping our waterways healthy and clean.

This episode was created in partnership with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Toronto Zoo, Swim Drink Fish Canada, W. Garfield Weston Foundation and in association with The 20K Collective. Stay tuned for more episodes in Grandfather Frog’s adventure series, Water Wonderful World!

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